3-6 September

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Trafinz Achievement Awards

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Tuesday 3rd September 

Leo Tooman Leadership: how to be a leader in your field

Prof Raphael Grzebieta How to get support for shared road projects

Emma Hope & Jane Pearson Website: demonstration and practical

Jacqueline Dawson Communication between SASTA Executive and members

Marg Parfitt Projects: doing it on a shoestring

Glenn Bunting & Jacqueline Blake Road Safety Action Planning Tool

Glenn Bunting Community Road Safety Fund

Chris Neason Community Engagement: Drive Sober


Wednesday 4th September 

Cr Andy Foster TRAFINZ role in achieving safety and efficiency

Dr Anders Lie Safe system approach - Vision Zero: delivering the vision

Kevin Taylor Delivering the Safer Journeys Action Plan 2013-2015

Lisa Rossiter Delivering the second Safer Journeys Action Plan

AC Dave Cliff Direction of road policing in New Zealand

Mark Gilbert A Bike's Eye View of the Road

Prof Raphael Grzebieta Motorcycle safety and roadside barriers

Kenn Beer Moving towards safe system motorcycling

Dr Bruce Corben Moving towards safe systems motorcycling

Graeme Seymour You may think it's future technology but it's here now

Maurice Rotherham Vehicle technology now, soon and into the future

Peter Hackett Vehicle technology now, soon and into the future


Thursday 5th September 

Dr Judy Fleiter Optimising speed enforcement practices: Enhancing safety, efficiency and deterrence

Jim Williams Truck and vehicle conspicuity tape- a global perspective

Malcolm Alexander The importance of safety and efficiency for local communities

Paul Durdin Understanding travel risks using Road Assessment Programmes to build safer transport networks

Brian Smith The Connected Car – Supporting Safety and Efficiency

Dr Glen Koorey Cycling- providing for this safe and efficient mode of transport

Peter Kortegast Designing for walking as the key mode of a safe and efficient transport system

Karen Hay Improving road safety for vulnerable road users

Tim Hughes High Risk Intersection Guide: making sense of safe systems in practice

Dr Iain McAuley Safer Journeys for Rural Schools Guide

Dr Anders Lie High productivity motor vehicles - safe and efficient freight in Sweden

David Silvester Growing NZ's economy through more efficient and safe movement of freight - VDM rule, HPMV, 50MAX

Dr Bruce Corben Research safety and efficiency issues in the transport mix


Friday 6th September 2013

Brian Patchett & Neil Jorgensen A One Network Road Classification for New Zealand

Leo Mortimer, Chris Foley & Helen Climo National Speed Management Plan

Andrew Wall Network Operating Framework - latest thinking and research

Randhir Karma, Stephen Carruthers & David Falconer Examples of network operations framework in New Zealand; AucklandWellington & Christchurch

Jodie Lawson & Karen Smith Time to Shine Bay of Plenty Region

Karen Smith Tine to Shine Bay of Plenty Region

Jodie Lawson Caught On Camera


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